Thursday, May 31, 2012

2013 AP / Cambridge Economics > Purpose Of This Blog

Welcome 2013 Kofa AP / Cambridge Economics Students !

There are three purposes for this blog . The first is to provide you with learning resources to supplement your in class instruction . The second is to help you prepare for exams . The third is to provide a forum for you to share ideas with your peers on the most important topics and issues we cover in this course .

Three important categories of information will be posted to this blog . Paying attention to all three will help you to be successful in your studies for this class . I recommend that you check into this blog site at least twice a week to stay current on topics . Here are overviews of the categories of information and an explanation as to why they are important to you .

At the beginning of each chapter during the semesters I will post a number of " critical thinking " questions to this blog site . These questions will be very similar , if not an exact match , to the questions I will ask on that chapter's critical thinking exam ( CTE ) . As the year progresses they will also become very similar to what you will see in " Free Response " questions on the AP and / or Cambridge exams . I strongly encourage you to spend time thinking about the answers to these questions during chapter lectures and your readings . Feel free to bring questions about these to class or to discuss ideas about them with your peers online via the comments function that this blog provides .

Essays and articles from some of the world's most prominent authorities on the study of economics and economics concepts will also be posted here . Questions regarding these readings will appear on that chapter's CTE . Again , feel free to bring questions about these essays and articles to class and discuss ideas about them with your peers via the comments function of this blog .

The third category of postings will be links to articles , podcasts , and videos on economic current events . You will want to read , listen , or watch these as questions related to these postings will show up in the " extra credit " section of the core chapter exams .

Over the summer I will be posting some essays and articles ( the second category described above ) that will be related mostly to philosophy . Although questions about these summer postings will not show up on any chapter exam ( core or CTE ) , I very strongly recommend that you read these as they will help to establish a foundation of understanding for you ( see the quote below ) .

Regards ,

Mr. Rothschild

" In the 21 st century , learning is a 24 hour a day and 7 day a week endeavor "  ~  DAR

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